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Create your unique looking website
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Target Marketing Solutions is a certified Google Partner, an online marketing company trusted by Google.

This badge recognizes that we excel with Google's products such as AdWords, including website SEO. High Google rankings are now a key to business success. We have implemented these SEO Guide principles from Google itself on all of our industrial website designs for over a decade. Our business is healthy, our customers are happy, and we use Google best practices. Advice you can trust because we are in the business of being in the know.

Target Marketing Solutions, with extensive industrial website design background, has designed and developed many creative and sales-effective industrial websites over our 20+ years for Cincinnati, OH based companies and beyond. This large knowledge base that was actually borne out of the experience of one of our owners who was an independent sales rep for the former powerhouse industrial print directory, the Thomas Register of American Manufacturers. Now called Thomas was an early adopter of websites for its industrial clients in the early 1990s when many people didn't know what a website was. Our industrial web designers will create a responsive site, desktop, cell phone, laptop, to tablet, that you will be proud of and will be a sales generator for your business.

Industrial Website Design Portfolio

Imagery + Buying Information

Although graphics and imagery are very important, too many industrial website designs that we see are long on the imagery, but short on detailed buying information. Industrial buyers, engineers, and purchasing agents require very specific product and service details in order to pre-qualify a company as a supplier.

Industrial Website Designers - Content Developers

We're keenly aware of this at TMS and so our industrial websites are designed with much more searchable detailed information to deliver what these buyers want on a website. With 71 percent of b2b buyers being disappointed by content, content development is more important than ever. Often without those crucial details and information such as why your company is different than the competitor, a competitor's website is just a click away. The details may include pricing, depending on your company's stance on this, because alot of industrial buyers are ready to buy when they arrive at a site via a very specific keyword search and price is always a factor in industrial product and service comparisons. All of this must be taken into account to design a "win-win" website, both for the site owner and the industrial buyer. When this situation is created, significant phone calls and significant sales arrive from the web.

SEO in Industrial Website Design

We Follow Google's Webmaster Guidelines for SEO
Since our inception, Google Webmaster SEO Guidelines have been our road map for SEO of all client website design and development. Google is telling website owners what it wants to "find, crawl, and index" sites and we listen, follow, and SEO all sites to these standards very closely. This is crucial knowledge for your company's website to appear high in Google search results consistently.

Consequently, SEO is always a starting point in our industrial website design. All website design and planning efforts will be nullified (diminished visitor potential) unless your website is easily found via Google keyword searches, in particular, because Google "owns" the industrial marketplace in our experience with industrial clients. Extensive keyword research usually amounting to hundreds of keyword combinations for your products and services needs to be carefully written into all site content and this can't be done or easily corrected after a site is already designed. We frequently come across this backward situation - web design before research and planning. Research is a road map for the best industrial website design possible at TMS.

Whatever your unique needs are in a new or redesigned site, we have skilled industrial web designers that can deliver the best, productive website for you, your clients, and your future clients. Contact Target Marketing Solutions for a no-obilgation web design consultation.

Industrial Web Design Driving Sales and Profits for Companies in Cincinnati, OH

Article: think with Google - The Profit Driven Marketer: Setting a New Standard for Performance

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