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Month: October 2019
Posted on Oct 28, 2019 by bullseye1

Pay-per-click (PPC) is the World’s Top Customer Generating Tool And the Businesses that use it have Phenomenal Results! Click image to play video Here’s the most common question we get – “How do we get more customers?” The fastest and most cost-effective way to get more customers is through PPC marketing. The problem is that most businesses don’t use it. PPC gets your ads to the top of the search results pages so your business is in front of people looking to buy your products or services. And if more people see your website, then you have a greater chance of making a sale.  Here’s What Our PPC Clients Say The program designed and managed by Target Marketing has proven to be the most effective driver of new customers to our website. Gary’s Catering The two new websites..with the PPC are fantastic. In the first four months we have taken on more new accounts than the past two years. Acorn Industries The PPC program has been a huge success…

Posted on Oct 13, 2019 by bullseye1

Is your business the victim of a FAKE GOOGLE REVIEW? It was a typical day with things going well. Then came the email from the Google My Business account. (Cue dramatic music). Someone had posted a review – a bad one-star review. And we don’t know this person!   Unfortunately, fake reviews are common. Recent research reveals 52% of reviews on Walmart are “inauthentic or unreliable” and 30% of Amazon reviews are fake or unreliable. And it’s not a new trend either. Way back in 2013, the New York State Attorney General took action against 19 companies involved with posting fake reviews. And both Amazon and Yelp have taken legal action against fake reviewers. Unfortunately being sued and large fines haven’t stopped fake reviews. But you aren’t helpless against them. There are things you can do to fight back and maintain your good reputation. How to Spot a Fake Review Obviously if you received the bad review, you know whether this person is authentic or not. The…

Posted on Oct 07, 2019 by bullseye1

Is someone trying to scare you into giving them your money? We’ve had a number of clients recently contact us about solicitations they received. The client is being told that their competition is stealing their customers. They usually name a top competitor when they make this false claim. Needless to say, this gets people upset. These solicitors also “guarantee” a top spot on Google. And they try to pressure you to act now or you’ll lost out on the opportunity. Please do NOT fall for these deceptive and unethical tricks. Let’s go over how businesses effectively get top positioning on the internet and acquire new customers in a cost-effective way. There are two kinds of search results listings: the organic and the pay-per-click (PPC or Adwords). The organic results are free. They appear on the page when you do a keyword search below the paid ads. The way a business website gets ranked high in the organic search results is dependent on how well the website is optimized (SEO). A well optimized website will rank high. But there…

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Is Your Site Attracting Customers? People are using their Mobile Phones more than ever to find products and services. Is your website mobile friendly? Internet searches done on mobile phones have increased over 213% Is your site easy to see and navigate on a small screen? Retaining Website Visitors leads to Increased Sales & Revenue. One of the factors Google considers when ranking your site is how mobile friendly it is. If your website isn’t easy to view or navigate on mobile devices, Google will push your site down in the rankings. Let us help you get the highest rankings and the most visibility for your business! Get $100 in Free Adwords (Pay-per-click) $100 in Free Pay-Per-Click when you become a new PPC Client Expires October 30, 2019 Call Today! 1-888-239-0332 View Our Five Star Client Reviews