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Posted on Aug 17, 2012 by bullseye1

Target Marketing Solutions is a Google AdWords consulting company serving all types of businesses in the Pittsburgh, PA and Western Pennsylvania area. We’re an Internet marketing agency with AdWords experts skilled in search marketing and  pay-per-click marketing campaigns. Target Marketing Solutions has been successfully managing and advising on large and small pay-per-click marketing campaigns for over 14 years.**  Our services include “customized” marketing strategies and Google AdWords consulting and management for all types of companies and goals.  However, achieving maximum sales and return on investment are usually the ultimate goals. Make sure your pay-per-click marketing advice is coming from skilled Google AdWords experts. Review below extensive details about our management benefits and how we can be of help to you. Target Marketing Solutions can help your business achieve maximum returns. Call 1-888-239-0332.

** Back in 1998, Yahoo was actually the first to offer pay-per-click marketing after acquiring Overture Services, Inc. (formerly, an Idealab spinoff).

The Google AdWords management interface has a tremendous number of targeting and ad display options which is great for companies to make the most of their web advertising investment, but potentially bad for novices or the unfamiliar that attempt AdWords advertising without first learning and exploring these options thoroughly.  The worst situation that could happen is that after you attempt a campaign and walk away from AdWords thinking that it “doesn’t work”.  It not only “works”, it can be the difference between business success and failure in a web-centric business world.  Those little ads are the main source of Google’s $40+ billion annual revenue.  It “works” when done right and we’re AdWords consultants with years of PPC management experience to construct the optimal campaign for you.

 Here are some Google AdWords testimonials from our PPC clients to attest to this:

“The two new websites that were prepared for us with the pay-per-click are fantastic. In the first four months of website operation, we have taken on more new accounts than we have in total for the past two years and with significantly higher dollar sales.”

“Target Marketing Solutions…you think ahead; by calibrating our online registration forms and web to toll free call in admissions to trackable, measurable data, you have shown us that every dollar we are spending with you is coming back to us many, many times over.”

“The online marketing programs designed and managed by the Target Marketing team has been the most effective driver of new customers to our website. Since our affiliation with Target Marketing…our online presence has grown tenfold!”

More Google AdWords related Target Marketing PPC testimonials

Our Google AdWords Consulting Benefits Include:

  • Aggressive AdWords bid management for Prime Ranking
  • AdWords consulting on Google Search Network and/or Display Network and/or Mobile Network.  What AdWords network should you be displaying on for maximum sales? 
  • Integrating the new Google Shopping with AdWords Product Listing Ads
  • Money-saving AdWords management techniques are always used such as negative keywords (negative broad match, exact match, phrase match …This is crucial to success)
  • Comprehensive keyword research + more relevant keywords = lower costs per click, better prospect targeting
  • Better PPC ad creatives designed to stand out in the AdWords display area, yet appeal to unique searchers (improving the all-important Quality Score that Google renders)
  • Google AdWords Certified Consultants
  • Conversion tracking – Sales, Quotes, Forms, Sign-Ups, any defined metric
  • Google Analytics set-up – included with all Adwords management consulting
  • Experienced in many industries and markets using knowledge learned from all previous AdWords pay-per-click campaigns
  • Current on all information relating to the ever-changing world of Google AdWords management
  • Experienced in Google local, regional, national & international prospect targeting
  • Extensive reporting and analysis of each AdWords Advertising campaign

As of May 29, 2012, Google has released new AdWords features this year with the goal of helping improve performance, making management easier, or showing additional data. Will these new features help or hinder your AdWords campaigns? We can help guide you through the myriad of options that a top AdWords consultant should know about to maximize your campaign ROI.

A more customized Google PPC marketing plan for your business or improvements to your existing AdWords campaign can be discussed in detail by calling 1-888-239-0332 or request a quote.

Need AdWords consulting services and help for your PPC campaign for your business?  We’re available for a consultation at your convenience. 

Serving Pittsburgh, PA, the Western Pennsylvania area, Pennsylvania, all of metro Pittsburgh area including – Plum, PA, Monroeville, PA, Penn Hills, PA, Corapolis, PA, Munhall, PA, Mount Lebanon, PA, Beaver Falls, PA, Greensburg

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