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Google Product Search – An Overlooked Source of Google Traffic
Posted on Nov 15, 2011 by bullseye1

There is a powerful, free, and often overlooked method to get all of your online store’s product listings included, nearly immediately, in the Google search results pages, on page one. Β It’s called Google Product Search and you see it on many product searches that you do on Google. Β It’s part of Google ongoing quest to provide a more varied search results by integrating its products like Google News, YouTube (which Google actually owns) videos, and Google Local into those results. WalMart, Target, Amazon, eBay -anybody that is anybody in retailing has a data feed in Google Product Search.

Anytime that we’ve constructed a client data feed for Product Search for their thousands of products, traffic and sales have soared. It’s one product of Google’s many products that can substantially elevate your Google visibility and we’re constantly amazed that many small and medium sized retailers and e-commerce companies are unaware of it. Β It also features a way to automatically update your inventory on Google which can be set at various time intervals. Your inventory is always properly displayed in the SERPs regardless of its turnover with a special routine that we run against your inventory file. Some SEO and research skills come into play to be descriptive enough so that Google can properly identify all of your product offerings to select and display them among many competitive products by other retailers. Also, there are very exactly and unforgiving requirements. However, it’s a competitive advantage and well worth the effort to appear more often on Google.

Target Marketing Solutions has a great amount of experience in creating data feeds and can assist your company with Google Product Search.

Google Product Search Experts in Michigan

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