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Local Search Marketing – Detroit
Posted on May 31, 2012 by bullseye1

Local search marketing is more important for local companies than ever before with the ever increasing Internet usage -from mobile devices to the desktop.

Local Search Engine Marketing Experts, Consultants Serving Detroit, MI

Target Marketing Solutions, located in Howell, MI (Metro Detroit, MI) has  created many, many successful local search marketing campaigns for local Detroit area companies whose market is a limited area, perhaps no more than 20 miles radius to their location. The research that is done to determine how searchers search and the way that your web pages are structured to this research will determine the fate of your pages in Google’s local search results.  This is true local SEO.  Your website will either be invisible to searchers or will appear in Google page one search results for a variety of local searches.

Here’s a short snippet of one such local client testimonial using our local search engine marketing strategy, Gary’s Catering, Wixom, Michigan:

Our partnership with Target Marketing… has been the most successful alliance in our history. The online marketing programs designed and managed by the Target Marketing team has been the most effective driver of new customers to our website. Since our affiliation with Target Marketing…our online presence has grown tenfold! more

Our local search marketing strategy is very different from a national or international search marketing strategy because your website content and imagery must mirror your target geography for maximum sales effect and for high search engine rankings.

For the best rankings in the Google local search results pages, it’s critical to know that searchers tend to search with their product or service plus a combination of city, state, county, country or even zip code keywords when conducting searches.

Large media companies, whose business it is to get massive amounts of traffic to their websites, know this fact very well.  For example, business to business directories such as the Yellow Pages, Yellow Book, use title tags and urls on their website pages to match the keyword phrases that local searchers search with.  Newspapers, and various media outlets, and most directories know that Google needs this information to properly identify what the individual page content is about and to rank the pages for display to the searcher. 

Yellow Pages Title Tag Example: Detroit Carpet rug cleaners | Carpet rug cleaners in Detroit, MI – title tag appears at the top of your browser, in blue, for every page that you click on the web.  You essentially click on the title tag on every search result that you click on)

Yellow Pages URL Example:

Note the keyword phrases combined with the target region keywords.  This combination is vital for your local search marketing success.   It’s also good for the searcher, good for Google, and good for the directories and websites structuring their web pages this way.  

Need local help and consulting services for an effective and profitable local search marketing campaign for your small business in the Detroit area? We’re available for in-person, no-obligation meetings in Michigan (Detroit, MI, Grand Rapids, MI, Lansing, MI, Flint, MI, Ann Arbor, MI, Port Huron, MI, Kalamazoo, MI, Battle Creek, Saginaw, MI, Bay City).  A more customized local Internet marketing plan for your business can be discussed in detail at that time. Call 1-888-239-0332.

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