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Posted on Jul 25, 2012 by bullseye1

Internet Marketing Services in Support of Liberty – Libertarian Political Candidates

Target Marketing Solutions values personal liberty and the liberty that the Internet affords for personal communications, new ideas, human growth, and business growth. Our creed – maximum freedom, minimal government, and Constitutional government. Our cherished liberties are rapidly being taken from us every day with the Democrats and Republicans the root cause, not the solution. With that said, we offer our professional Internet consulting and expert marketing services in these areas of online media: social media marketing, search engine marketing, pay-per-click marketing, website development, video development, video production, political email marketing , and video optimization to Libertarian candidates for elected office. For these political candidates in support of liberty, we would be honored to assist you in your quest for state, county, local, and national offices. All Internet marketing campaigns and projects that we develop at TMS are customized, measurable, actionable, and reportable using a variety of reporting tools and metrics. Also know that our methods and Internet political marketing strategies are both ethical and “white-hat”.