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💲 Industrial eCommerce Will Increase by 20% in the Coming Year! 📈💲
Posted on Mar 01, 2021 by bullseye1

70% of Industrial Companies are Developing eCommerce Solutions!

eCommerce isn’t just for retail products.

$1 Trillion of the B2B eCommerce Market Remains Untapped.

More Industrial Companies are using eCommerce as their

Primary Sales Channel – because it’s Profitable at Low Cost.

            ADVANTAGES for Manufacturers & Industrial Companies:

  • Ability to show different pricing levels depending on the type of visitor
  • Online cart can support RFQs and not just transactions
  • Live Chat and instant access to engineers for help with application and configuration
  • Ability to save and print complete orders before purchase is important since multiple decision-makers may be involved and the sales cycle may be weeks and not instant
  • Accept purchase orders and bill to existing corporate accounts
  • Orders and inventory can be tracked electronically
  • Customers can log-in securely and access their order status.
  • B2B eCommerce sales increased 18% in 2019
  • B2B buyers are increasingly preferring digital methods of ordering

The right eCommerce platform will support digital marketing efforts, integrate with other business solutions, and free sales and customer service to focus on what they do best: build relationships and serve customers.

Target Marketing Solutions has been creating and managing eCommerce sites for 25 years.

We’re ROI-focused and Results-oriented with our marketing strategies.

Clients from all industries have reported stellar results with eCommerce.

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