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🤔 What’s the #1 Reason Your Business is Losing Customers? 🤔
Posted on Nov 10, 2019 by bullseye1

What’s the #1 Reason Your Business is Losing Customers?

Poor Customer Service

Research shows that over 66% of customers deal with the first business they come in contact with. And 70% of people who get voicemail don’t leave a message. So the faster you respond to inquires, the greater the chances you’ll get a new customer.

How Long Do Customers Wait?

1. A number of studies cite that over 70% of customers will hang up if the call isn’t answered after the sixth ring.

2. Research from Velaro states that over 60% of customers will hang up if left on hold for one minute after the call was answered.

3. In a survey of over 1,100 consumers, over 63% said they preferred to leave a message and be called back rather than wait on hold.

4. Over 72% of people expect a call back within an hour of leaving a voicemail message. But new customers keep calling around to other businesses during that time.

So What Happens After the Call is Answered?

  According to a study by Marketing Land, over 74% of people were inclined to chose a competitor after a negative phone experience. So make sure you’re always friendly when you answer calls.

It costs 5x as much to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one.

About 48% of customers who had a negative experience told 10 or more people.

Over 78% of customers who intended a transaction (sale) bailed because of a poor experience.

How Do You Keep Customers?

Everyone has had their challenges with customers. And sometimes in spite of your best efforts people are just not on the same page. So don’t expect to make everyone happy. Just do your best. There are some additional things that help increase customer acquisition and retention.

  1. Give free information. One of the best sources of customers for us has been giving a lot of information to people who call. Yes, the information you give away can be billable. But you increase the number of customers you acquire, and you tend to keep them when you’re willing to take the time to give them information and answer their questions.
  2. Go above and beyond for your customers. Do something for free every now and then. Throw in something extra from time to time or give a discount. Occasionally give them something they don’t expect.

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