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How to Rank High on Google – Google SEO
Posted on Dec 06, 2011 by bullseye1

How to Rank High On Google?  We concur with this great SEO Daily Tip received today because we’ve found all of this information to be exactly correct when it comes to Google SEO, Bing SEO and SEO for other search engines. Trying to figure out Google’s PageRank tends to get many SEO companies confused and off on the wrong track when optimizing their clients’ websites.  They should be playing attention to keyword-oriented content around their clients’ products and services because of the massive amount of “long-tail” searches the users search with. 

Achieve Better SEO Results

Today online marketing has become a very useful tool for online businesses. So, every business owner must carefully observe all the basic and non-basic tips of Search Engine Optimization. However, nowadays the sites are full of misinformation and uncertainty about SEO tactics. And before starting implementing your SEO strategies it would be commendable of you to turn to the help of high-level consultation.

One of the first SEO rules is to have a well-written unique content with the right keywords and phrases. Always refresh your content to enhance your site relevancy in the eyes of the search engine. Consider having a keyword focused title. It is preferable for your title to start with the keyword. This will ease the ranking improvement process. In order to be found in local searches mention the location in your article.

Alongside with the content consider the wide use of links. Use your keyword as a link and avoid practicing “Click here “phrase as a link. Build quality backlinks. However, note that the linking must be logical.

Don’t waste your time on paying so much attention to PageRank as is not so essential. Cases are numerous when websites with a higher PR can be outranked by sites having low PR.

To reach better SEO results practice Flash and AJAX instead of Frames.

Create a blog for your website to promote your product and refresh the blog posts regularly, at least three times weekly.

When it comes to link building consider quality and not quantity.  One quality link can do a lot good to you than plenty of unproductive links.

Search engines like simple and concrete language contents. Don’t use too much rich language or long sentences. Keep it to the point. Don’t overstuff the text with keywords. Be as descriptive and specific as you can.

In case of being on a shared server avoid being spammed or banned as this will reflect your ranking badly.

Do your search around non-profit .edu sites that look for sponsors. The thing is that there is pretty much weight on links domains.

Don’t forget putting keyword captions with your images. Devote time to the choice of the images as they play great role in Google’s new blended research process.
Besides YouTube consider other video sharing sites namely Metacafe, MSN, Vimeo etc. Note that for search engines it is very important that your video content includes keywords and key phrases in order to be able to define the usefulness of your video.

And remember that SEO is not a one-time process. It is changing daily and be ready to work on it every single day.

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