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Author: bullseye1
Posted on Dec 06, 2011 by bullseye1

How to Rank High On Google? We concur with this great SEO Daily Tip received today because we’ve found all of this information to be exactly correct when it comes to Google SEO, Bing SEO and SEO for other search engines. Trying to figure out Google’s PageRank tends to get many SEO companies confused and off on the wrong track when optimizing their clients’ websites. They should be playing attention to keyword-oriented content around their clients’ products and services because of the massive amount of “long-tail” searches the users search with.

Posted on Nov 20, 2011 by bullseye1
The Critical 301 Redirect

The 301 redirect is the most efficient and SEO-friendly method for website page redirection. It’s the simplest method, not that hard to implement, and it should preserve your valuable search engine results page rankings for all of your website urls. If you have to change file names or move pages around, it’s the safest option. The code “301” is interpreted by the search engine indexing spiders as the page has moved permanently.

Posted on Nov 15, 2011 by bullseye1

There is a powerful, free, and often overlooked method to get all of your online store’s product listings included, nearly immediately, in the Google search results pages, on page one. It’s called Google Product Search and you see it on many product searches that you do on Google. It’s part of Google ongoing quest to provide a more varied search results by integrating its products like Google News, YouTube (which Google actually owns) videos, and Google Local into those results. WalMart, Target, Amazon, eBay -anybody that is anybody in retailing has a data feed in Google Product Search.