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Posted on Jul 09, 2016 by bullseye1

With the growing use of mobile devices there came a need for websites to be easily viewed on smaller-than-desktop screens. The first attempt at a solution was to have a separate site geared towards viewing on mobile devices. This meant that another site had to created. A code was placed on your desktop site. When it was detected that a mobile device was accessing your site, a mobile version was displayed. That was an acceptable solution at the time. But it required having a mobile site created, and paying for mobile site hosting. And many of these mobile sites still weren’t able to appropriately adapt to difference mobile screen sizes. And although some mobile site services claimed that making a change on the desktop site would automatically transfer that change to the mobile site, that wasn’t always the case. We found that we regularly had to make a change that didn’t transfer over, or that didn’t transfer correctly. Several years ago, responsive sites came on…

Posted on Apr 25, 2013 by bullseye1

Interesting research data from Google and Compete is below. Target Marketing Solutions can assist you with anything mobile to consistently get the most out of your budget. Mobile web design, digital marketing, mobile video marketing, and more.The complete Wireless Shopper Study is here:

Posted on Mar 28, 2013 by bullseye1

Google: Half of mobile search conversions happen in an hour.
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