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Consumer Mobile Shopping Study from Google thinkinsights
Posted on Apr 25, 2013 by bullseye1

Interesting research data from Google and Compete is below. Target Marketing Solutions can assist you with anything mobile to consistently get the most out of your budget. Mobile web design, digital marketing, mobile video marketing, and more.The complete Wireless Shopper Study is here:

Consumers shopping for mobile phones – 80% of consumers shopping for mobile phones research online, using an average of 4 different digital sources.2013 Google/Compete Wireless Shopper Study, March 2013

YouTube mobile watchtime – 40of time spent watching YouTube is on mobile and tablet devices.

YouTube Internal Data, YouTube Moves People to Choose Your Brand Infographic, April 2013

Smartphone usage – 86of people use their phones while consuming other media.

Our Mobile Planet: Understanding US Smartphone Consumers, 2012

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